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Green philosophy

We think about the Planet

Research and experimentation create product innovation and provide an improvement to our lifestyle.

This is the moral basis of our ethical way of thinking that leads to values of quality, sustainability and environmental awareness, with a message that allows to see our origin and our best source of inspiration in the nature.

We use 40% PCW (post-consumer waste ) special papers - 100% recyclable.

We orient the choice of our customers to natural or reusable materials such as: Cotton, Juta, FSC® Paper, Stone Paper, Brown Kraft, Paper, Tyvek, Felt, Canvas, Recycled Pet, PP Woven, TNT


The Apple Paper

Apple Paper ...From apple to paper, contributing to the solution of a pressing environmental problem.

Apple Paper is an elegant paper, environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable, crafted using the industrial waste that is a by-product of apple processing.

The residues, prior to their conversion, have a substantial impact on the environment and their disposal requires precisely targeted solutions. Carefully analyzed and treated, they have proved rich in primary materials such as cellulose and hemicelluloses, particularly suitable for the manufacture of paper. 

Apple Paper Apple paper is natural, warm and pleasant to the touch and is characterized by its ivory shade, lightness and elegance. It is ecological, sustainable and 100% recyclable. 

Apple Paper Apple paper has been created by combining traditional Chlorine Free (ECF) FSC certified cellulose and by product from the apple production process.

This paper therefore contributes to reducing the environmental impact by reusing a valuable raw material and reducing disposal of organic industrial waste. 

Apple Paper Apple paper helps to reduce C02 emissions.


We think about the Planet

It is the new frontier of packaging, is our way of thinking about the Planet Earth, from the search for sustainable materials to the optimization of the production cycle.

We are FSC® certified, we use paper from forests managed in a responsible way.


Solutia offers pProp65 compliant products and PVC Phthalate free products.

We work also different types of paper made whit post-consumer waste and 100% recyclable


Solutia Packaging

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