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Creativity and attention to the details

Solutia Packaging adopts a philosophy where every single element, every single aspect is considered important in order to realize a project.

What we offer to our customers:

  • Very high quality packaging, uniqueness and exclusivity, innovation at competitive prices.
  • Technique: hot stamps, relief prints, applications at register of any material and three-dimensional ornaments.
  • Flexibility in terms of product and service: we adjust our offer to serve the customer.
  • Excellence skill and knowledge, and use of printing gravure installations, flexo and offset.
  • A proven capacity with particular expertise in creating a creative and unique product.

Quality control

Our company produces and commercializes products of high creativity and innovation. The items are produced directly in Italy and China; countries where the manufacturing of the paper has an ancestral know-how, and this allows the most various experiments in the field of printing, processing and ennobling always new and different.

The production procedure is followed, step by step, by our skilled technicians who send samples directly to the final customer in order to ensure only the highest quality.
The final production is certified by SGS, an international company leader in quality control.


SA8000: international standard that certifies the business management aspects related to corporate social responsibility such as:

  • Respect of human rights.
  • Respect of workers' rights.
  • Protection against exploitation of children.
  • Guarantees of safety and health at work.


Logistic & distribution

Solutia Packaging is able to distribute products directly to world-wide stores , through the warehouses placed in Treviso and the logistic bases in Milano, Hong Kong and New York.

Solutia Packaging

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